Program Details

Per chosen essay in each of our award quarters, each single parent awarded recipient is gifted a full Complete Website Development Enterprise Package worth $1,500 to help bring big ideas and big visions to life by way of selected 250 word essays. The full Complete Website Development Enterprise Package is provided by SMN Web Services and includes the following: 

• Custom Domain Publishing

• Web Hosting through PCMag Editors' Choice top pick for cloud based web hosting services

• Email Boxes

• Mailing List Plugin

• Mobile Responsive

• Full Analytics and Tracking

• XML Sitemap

• Extended Validation SSL Certificate

• Data Backup

• Logo Creation (If Needed)

• Logo U.S Copyright Registration

• Ecommerce Options

• 1 Custom Press Release

• 3 Month Paid Pro Social Media Management Subscription

• Marketing Audit with Complimentary Report

• Search Engine Submission

• Customized Design to fit your personal or business wants and needs

• 250 Custom Designed Business Cards

• 1 Face Mask with your brand logo

• 1 T-Shirt with your brand logo

Essay & Applications
Accepted All Year Round

Four Winners are selected during each of our award quarters. You Gotta Do This! Award Quarters are open yearly in January, March, July, & October.

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